Allen: Theory

"Allen, Whats happening to me?"  Linsey says still as a tiger.

"I I. I don't know." I say a little lost for words.  I can feel that Linsey was losing energy rapidly," Are you trying to phase back?"  I say calmly knowing that its easier to think with a clear mind.

" Yes."

" Stop, unless you want to go unconciouse."  I say as Linsey's tiger form falls to the floor exhausted.

" But Allen , what if I'm stuck like this?"  She asks , still burning energy.

" I don't think thats the case, just please stop." I say , she does and her energy stays stable.

" There. What is happening to me?" She demmands her tiger form looking exhuasted. I think for a second.

" I believe its because you in the last 24 hours have burned a maximum ammount of energy. I should have taken note that you were pretty weak this morning, but I didn't. So as a defence while your body replenishes itself with energy it might be best to remain in a strong form like a tiger, instead that of a human form incase of an attack. Now its only a theory. I could be wrong."  I say.

" Well if thats the case why don't you give me a boost of energy? You can do that right?"

" I only know how to take energy, or use it to hurt or defend but to give it away without harming. I don't know how. I really just hope all we need to do is wait this out."  I say then sit next to the large feline on the floor," Can I get you anything?" 

As I waited for response I wondered where the others where off to.

The End

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