Linsey: Stuck As A Tiger

As Allen kisses me, it feels like nothing else matters. We pull eachother closer but soon have to pull apart to breath. I close my eyes and shake my head. He gently pulls my chin up but I push away fromhis face even though every part of me screams in protest.

"Allen. What's going to happen to us? If we get off this island I mean." I look intohis eyes. "I. I dunno Lins. But I doknow that I'll go where ever you do. No matter where it is." I hug him and soon we are kissing again.

I can feelsomething inside megrowl and I push away once more. My hands are shaking. "Lins, what'swrong?" I can see the worried expression on Allens face. "I dunno. I feel kinda. Kinda.Idunno." I put a hand to myhead. I can feel Allens arm go around me. "Lets go back inside. You probably need something toeat."

Allen helps me to my feet and we start to walk back to the house. Why is my head still spinning? My knees buckle under me and spots apear in front of my eyes. "Linsey! Are youokay?" I shrug and give Allen a weak smile.

"I'm just tiredAl. I'll be fine." I try and get up but fall back down again. Allen picks me up. I open my mouth in protest but he puts a finger tomy lips. "I'm carring you because you can't walk." Inarrow my eyes at him and he shakes his head, moving towards the house. "You've been through so much and you ego is still as big as it ever was." He laughs, I start to laugh with him.

I hold onto his t-shirt and I can feel a growl inside me again. What isthat? It's not the demon, I killed it. But what could it be? I look down at my hand and I can see them changing. My eyes widen. "Allen. Put me down!" He shakes his head. "No. I know you want to try and walk but..." He stop when he sees myhands.

He puts my down and I faze into a tiger. Istretch. It does feel so good to faze into an animal again. Ilook at a shocked Allen and purr. He gives me a weak smile. "Thought you didn't want to use your powers." I get closer to him. "I didn't. It kinda tookover. I'llbe fine soon." He nods, looking confused. We start walking back tothe house in silence.

At the door I try tofaze back but can't. I keep trying. "C'monLins. Stopmessing about." I lookup at Allen. "I'm not! I can't change back! I'm stuck as a tiger!" Fear pulses through me but I'm not letting Allen see. Iwalkin any way, trying to pretend it's not a big problem. "Lins..." "Allen. I'm fine." Ilookat him in my tiger form. He sighs andnods.

We start walking to the kitchen. I keeptrying tofaze back but nothings working. What if I'm stuck like this? I can feelmyself panicking and Iknow it's just making meweaker. I try a couplemoretimes, it's draining myenery. Ikeep trying.

"Allen.." My legs buckle and I'm dizzy, really dizzy. What's happening tome?


The End

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