Allen: I don't

We sat beside eachother close watching the afternoon sky saying few words. I could see something bothering Linsey. I wanted to ask but I wasn't sure if I would be prying.

" Hey Allen." She says. I turn to look directly into her eyes.

" Yeah."

" Do you....? See me as a murdering killer?" She asks," No one should love a Killer."

" I don't see at all as killer, I see you as Linsey the person I love , and who loves me back. Its not your fault." I say getting close as possible to Linsey.

"But before that.... I k killed my parents." I could see she was going to cry again.

I wasn't sur if it was right thing to do but, I could bare to see Linsey cry. I bring my lips to hers and hug her tightly.

The End

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