Linsey: Changed?

He stares into my eyes and I look down at me feet, confused. "I don't think so. I don't wanna hurt anyone. I...I think I should..." I sigh and shake my head. My head's spinning. "Can we go to the beach?" I lookupat Allens worried  face. He nods. "Course." He puts his arm around my waist and leads me towards the beach.

I close my eyes as the sea air blows. I breath it in, a small smile on my face. "Are you okay?" I turn back to Allen and smile at him softly. I shrug then sit down on the sandy floor. Allen sits next to me and pulls me into a hug. "I'm not sure Al. I feel. I dunno." I shrug, my head hurts and I feel drained. I sigh and lean against him. He strokes my hair.

"It's gonna be okay Lins. You'll see." A tear runs down my face and Allen wipes it away. More and more tears start to run down my face. "I'm so scared Allen. I'm so scared." I cling to him and he holds me tightly. "I know Lins. I know."

We are sitting here for what feels like hours, my tears have all gone. I close my eyes as Allen holds me. I can tell Allen wants to know what happend. Who wouldn't? "It was hard. I couldn't use my powers at all. I kept hearing your voice, telling me that I could. Could beat the demon thing." I sigh, looking out to the horrizen.

"It's over now, it's over." I look at Allen and shake my head. It's not over. I know it and so does he. I feel so weak. Is what the demon said true? Am I dieing? I hug Allen. If I am dieing, I'm gonna make the most of now. I bite my lip. "Allen. I.I." I sigh. "I love you." I blurt out. "I love you too." He pulls me closer, tilting my head up, are faces inches apart. He leans in back I move away.

Last time I kissed him, the demon was in control. Does he see me as the killer I am? It doesn't matter. No one should love a killer. No one should get close to me. Yes, people can say I couldn't do anything but when I was little, I killed my parents. The demon wasn't there then. I know that much.

The End

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