Caleb: The Village

A guy with dark hair that ran over blue eyes approached me. I had my hand entwined in Sapphires and tightened my grip.

"Caleb! What…what?” he faltered as she stared at me.

I frowned, I had no idea who he was, I didn't remember anything. It was infuriating, "Do i know you?" 

He was about to say something when he bent over, clutching at his heart in pain.

“Caleb,” he spluttered, I felt the pain with him, some deep emotion was stirring in me, I wanted to help him, “He’s doing something to my body…dad…he’s alive. Like us…and friends with Trish. Go…there’s a village not far from here…it’s the detached house…I’m there. Caleb…” he took a deep breath and tried to speak. He tried to get closer but fell. I caught him. I gazed into his eyes, saw my own reflected in them.

"Are we... related?" he smiled up at me then and went limp in my arms.

I turned to Sapphire, she looked pained.

"I think I have to save him..." I said. She nodded.

"And I'm coming with," I tried to argue but one look into her defiant eyes and I could not say no.

I held her close to me, "hold tight," I muttered and jumped up into the air. The beats of my wings mingled with the sound of morning birds as the sun rose slowly in strokes of orange and fiery red. But none could be compared to the girl who held onto my waist. Something inside me roared with pleasure as her heart beat against my own.

Over a cliff face lay a small little village, the lights slowly turning off one by one.

We landed in a cul-de-sac. It was completely empty.

"Somethings wrong," Sapphire said looking around.

"Yes, there's no activity, a guy with wings landed in a street and no one so much as twitches a curtain and... there's no cars."

We looked for the house and came to the closest sounding one.

The door was slightly ajar.

I was going to open it when people emerged from the buildings. I held my arms out in front of Sapphire, protecting her.

The End

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