"I love you too, Allen." Linsey says before she goes she collapsed the bed. 

Jadia/Kevin left the room.She stopped breathing. I was overcome with emotion , and my usual strong way of carrying myself collapsed. She couldn't be dead, just couldn't.  Not a minute later I heard shallow breathing. I was just freaking out , I was being a sap. I bring myself back to the usual Allen self. I put blankets over Linsey and, sit there watching Linsey for a few more minutes, until I myself slip into unconciouse.


I wake up in the later hours of the morning the sun hitting my face and warming me. I open my eyes Linsey was still sleeping. I didn't realise how exhasted she looked.  I got up stiff from sleeping on the chair.  I pull the blankets over Linsey a little more comfortably before I head to the Kitchen to start cooking.  I abosolutely hate cereal, but was too tired to make something nice. I start a coffee going before I raid the rest of the cabinents.

" Come on there must be a muffin or frozen pancake or waffles." I grumble  and stand wacking my head on something. I held as a small bruise formed, " Who puts cabinents with large overhanging counters to his one head one." I grumble turning to the fridge seeing a microwave pizza box.  I'm having dinner for breakfast. I actually perfer it that way. Before I do anything with though, I hear some movement in the medical room. I drop everything and run in.

" Allen?"  Linsey voice hits my ears as I just pass through the doorway.

" GoodMorning Lins. How are you feeling?" I say happy to see she is finally awake

"I'm alright I think. A little soar. Where are we?" she asks

" The house, the medical room." I explain sitting back in the chair holding Linsey's hand, " What do you want for breakfast?"

" Breakfast can wait Al. I'm so sor...."

" Don't be.I'm still here not with to many scratches." I cut her off.

" I wanna stretch my legs. Lets get outta of the house. Its so nice to be free of the beast." Linsey says getting off the hospital bed.

" Alright lets go." We leave the house into the sun. I notticed I didn't see anyone else while in the house. Where did they go? Maybe there just out enjoying the sunlight.

" I don't think I should use my powers. I don't want that..." She pauses , I hug her close.

" Just take it slowly, I don't think we'll need them for a while. I hope. You don't think its gone for good?" I ask loosening my grip on Linsey to look into her eyes.

The End

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