Jadia: Mental Attack

Okay so Allen just brought Linsey in. Jadia was hoping to keep out of the way of the other trapped personnel for a bit longer, but it would just have to do now, wouldn’t it?

Jadia listened to Allen’s explanation of what had roughly happened.

“Can you go into her mind and find out what’s happening in there?”

Leaving Kevin’s motor functions active, but pushing only her mind into Linsey’s body-like she would have normally done if she were mind-reading- Jadia searched for Linsey’s life signs. Oddly, when Jadia stepped into the girl’s mind, she could sense another creature, an evil one that seemed to be the route of Linsey’s evilness. The creature was fiery and determined to win the fight but did not put up a shield of protection like Trish’s alien. Jadia saw red eyes and a haze of smoke but was thrown out of Linsey’s mind as a fight started to break out between her consciousness and the ‘thing’.

The only word Jadia could think of to name it was ‘Demon’.

Looking around the room as she told Allen what she saw, Jadia noticed that Linsey looked too peaceful, and it scared her. Suddenly, as Allen tried to call encouragement to her, Linsey started to twitch and breathe in fast puffs. Her eyes were still snapped firmly shut though...even when  she spoke.

“I love you too, Allen,” Linsey whispered before she collapsed back onto the bed.

Was she dead? Jadia panicked as she could no longer feel any response from the girl’s mind. Allen was in anguish over her body, but unable to do much.

Jadia tiptoed out of the room. She told herself it was to go and get help, but really she knew it was to escape the awkwardness and give Allen some time alone.

The house was remarkably empty as Jadia ran through it, not encountering anyone, but she heard noise and could sense two people nearby, from the front of the house. It was the middle of the night, what were they doing out at this time? Jadia slowed to a walk so not go appear hasty or worried and entered into the night. She stopped suddenly, shocked by the angel-creature that stood in front of her. Although his features were changed, it didn’t take Jadia long to realise it was her brother!

My, he looked like a God…

“Caleb! What…what?” She gasped, shocked to see her brother in such a state.

Caleb frowned and turned to look at Jadia.

“Do I know you?”

Before she could reply, Jadia clutched at her chest. Her breathing was coming in sharp gasps and she could feel her heart beating too fast. It wasn’t Kevin’s body though; it was Jadia’s earthly body, tucked away in the little village.

“Caleb,” she spluttered, “He’s doing something to my body…dad…he’s alive. Like us…and friends with Trish. Go…there’s a village not far from here…it’s the detached house…I’m there. Caleb…” Jadia grabbed the last of Kevin’s breath and tried to speak. She stumbled over and threw herself at her brother.

“The fight isn’t over. We’re still trapped.”

The End

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