Linsey: Gone

The demon hits me, blood's rushing into my mouth. I spit it out and glare at the deformed creature, full of hatered. I'm tired, so tired. I don't think I can do this  anymore.

"I know you can win Linsey." I hear Allen say from far away. The creature laughs at Allen. I get to my feet, adrenaline rushing through my viens. I punch, then kick, then jumpkick, punch low kick and suddenly I've got the creature in a head lock. I'm breathing fast. I spit out the blood in my mouth.

The demon chuckles. "What are you going to do now Linsey Smyth? You going tokill me?" My head lock tightens, chocking the demon. "Oh, I am demon."  I whisper into it's rotty ear. "Go on then. Doit. Kill me just like you killed your parents. Kill me. Be just like me." It snarls, like finger nails agianst a chalk board. I wince, thinking about my parents.

"I am nothing like you!" The demon laughs again. "Prove it. Let me go. Let me take over. You can be with your parents again. And soon you can be with Allen." I think for a while, what it's saying makes sense. But I can't believe him or can I? The demon is chuckling while I'm thinking. "It wouldn't matter if you win. You'll die. You need me, without me you're nothing!" The dragon demon snarls at me.

"Linsey, you've got to win. You can beat it. I love you Linsey Smyth." Tears come tomy eyes as Allens voice reaches my ears. In seconds, I snap the demons neck. It goes limpand I throw it to the floor. Iknow that no one will know it'sgone, not even Jadia.

I shake my head as I look down at the lifless body of the demon. The darkness wraps around it and in a while, it's gone just like it never was here. I fall to my knees, exhausted! I just want to sleep. Just sleep.

"Linsey. Ilove you. Please wake up. Please." I smile at Allens voice. My eyes are starting to close. My whole body goes limp and I fall onto the floor. All I see is darkness. Maybe the demon was right. Maybe I can't live when it's dead. The darkness is taking away my pain. "I love you too Allen." I mutter before the darkness takes over.

The End

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