Allen: Not lots I can do

"They're fighting in there.Her and some gross thing, that I can only describe as a demon." Jadia says in kevin's body. I look at Linsey whose eyes are still closed and her body laying perfectly still. She looked a little pale but over all generally peaceful. I wish I could help but essaintly there was nothing I could but wait,and be here.

"So what exactly up with Trish"  I say still seeing the deformed face of Trish.

" I think its an alien inside Trish's body." Was all Jadia / Kevin said.

"Oh." I said with sadness but atleast knowing that the friend who taught me to survive, and almost everything I know. Didn't attack on her own accord. 

I turn my attention back at Linsey still sleeping away. It seemed imppossible that she was fighting inside looking so peaceful. Linsey had to win, I wanted to help but there isn' lots I can do. I take Linsey hand and hold it firmly but gently.

" I know you can win Linsey."  I say.

The End

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