Linsey:Fighting Inside

It's dark here and cold. I shiver and start wandering around the empty room-like thing. Where am I? I can hear the low, muffled, voices of Allen and Kevin. They voices bring me hope.

"Allen! Allen!" I start running around, trying to find where they are. But nothing, it's just me. Tear prick me eyes. I'm alone. All alone. "Allen! Kevin! Where are you?! Where am I?" I yell. I can hear a rough laugh coming from behind me. The hairs on the back of my neck spike up and a icey chill goes down my spine.

I swallow and turn around quickly. My eyes widen. "What the fuc..." My cursing is cut off by the revolting demon thing in front of me. "Hello Linsey Smyth. What's wrong? Don't you reconise yourself?" It starts to laugh agian. I shake my brunette head. No that can't be.

I glare at the demon thing, my fists balled. I might not know where I am but I do know that my powers can put up a good fight. I grit my teeth. "What have you done to me? Where am I?" The demon laughs again. "I haven't done anything to you. You've done this to yourself mortal." It smiles evilly at me. I glare hard into its red eyes.

"You haven't answered my question Thing!" I snarl. The demon still smiles crookedly. "You'll think someone would know what their own mind looks like. But then again, you're only mortal. Oh, I'm not a Thing. I'm you. Your evil side. The side that's going to kill your friends. That's after I kill you of course." What? That thing can't be me? Wait. It is. It's the thing that killed my parents, Kevin and tried to kill Allen. Oh Allen, I am so sorry. This demon is the dragon. It's a dragon demon!

Before I could say anything the dragon demon jumped at me teeth bared and claws ready to attack. I quickly jump out of the way. I turn and stare at the demon, my heart beating like mad.

That's it! You want a fight, I'll give you a fight! I think of a tiger and try to faze into it. Nothing happens. What? Confusion spreads across my face. I try again and still nothing. The demon starts laughing again, coming closer to me. "Powers don't work here Linsey. In other words, you're dead meat!" The dragon demon jumps at me again, I do a back flip at kick it hard in the back, sending it flying.

I smile. "Oh, for someone who has been in my mind, you really don't know a lot about me. I don't need powers to kill." I hear the demon growl and run at me. I dodge and punch it in the face. It falls to the floor, grabing it's bloody nose. Ha! Wait a min. It's not using it's powers. What's it that it said? 'Powers don't work here'.

I laugh out at it. "Talk about a fish out of water! You don't have any powers here either. You're usless. You're weak!" I laugh.Suddenly I'm on my back, the demon growling ontop of me. Ewww, it's breath stinks! I push it off and jump to my feet.

The demon punches me in the face. Ow! That hurt! I growl at it and the demon hisses back. This is gonna be a long, hard, fight. "You're going to pay Linsey Smyth!" It snarls at me. "I'm not going to let you win. You're the one that's gonning to pay. You're going to pay for killing those who I love!" I'm a little shocked that I have just admitted that I do love.

The demon hisses at me and lunges forward, I run into it, pushing it to the floor. It jumps up and kicks me hard in the chest. My knees buckle and I start coughing. The demon smiles over me. "I can't wait until I've finished you off. Who to go for? Kate? Esmerelda? Jadia or maybe Sapphire? Oh, I know. I'll go for that Allen. That'll be such a great kill." I growl and get to my feet.

"You're not going to win! I will!" I try to punch the demon but it blocks me, I try again and the same thing happens. I growl and start punching quicker and quicker. The demon starts punching me too. I'm not going down that easy. I'm doing this for you Allen! Even if this means having to die myself, I'm not going to let this demon hurt you!

The End

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