Allen: unsure

Adam or Caleb leaves. Linsey stands infront of me, glaring.

" You going to pay for that!" She yells

" For what?" I ask, but I don't think she heard me cause she transformed with whatever little energ she had left and tried to squash me like a bug under her front feet. I created a barrier but it was going to break soon. I tried to steal energy but sand doesn't have much energy to steal from. I had to call upon my own , but I hated to admit I was nearly beat. For a few seconds the barrier moves the dragon off me but it begins to collapse. The dragon feet about to crush me but instead they kick me to the forrest.  I get up exhausted and stole as  much energy as I could before Linsey comes agian. 

She didn't come I ran onto the beach, she was yelling in her human form, I'm guessing the battle went insider her head. Her vrs the dragon. She stops yelling and begins to fall to the ground. I catch her before she hits the ground. Her eyes where closed, I checked for a pulse quickly. I felt a completly normal human pulse. She was alive. I pick her up, I was unsure exactly what had just happened , but felt I should take Linsey back to the house and medical part of the house. 

It didn't take long to get there. I walked through the house into the medical bay where I saw Kevin. At first it didn't register,and I walked rate by him and set Linsey onto a bed, then I looked up agian. Kevin all bloodied.

" What the!? Your dead!" I yell not concealing my surprise and horror.

"Calm down! It is me Jadia , In Kevin's body." It was extremely wierd hearing that come from Kevin. I found it slightly hard to believe but then again might come with having those types of powers.

" Well ........" I start," I'm not going to ask."  I say as get a few blankets and things for Linsey. Without paying to much attention the deranged looking Trish.

" Can I ask you another matter?" I ask Jadia , well atleast I think I did.


" Linsey she's....... Got a heavily evil side to her. She tried to kill me , but the whole entire fight she was fighting her self inside. She finally collapsed , I'm unsure what happened wether or not she still fighting inside there. Just wondering if you could find out for me if she is going to be okay."

" So thats why Kevin's last memory is Linsey killing him" Jadia said.

" I'm sorry, I don't think anyone would have known." I apologize , and sit down by Linsey who still seemed to be unconciouse.

The End

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