Caleb: Sapphire

"Go!" the boy said as the shape-shifter lay in his arms, "I'll take care of this," he urged, "go back to the house," he saw my blank face and sighed, "that way."

I followed his finger and came to a large rock. I tested my wings and flew to the top, the sun almost glinting off my bare chest. In the distance i could see a large house but walking up a path coming towards me was a female.

She looked about 16 with deep, dark eyes I couldn't tear my gaze from. She had coal-black hair growing long that shimmered in the morning light. Her clothes were ripped and slightly bloodied. She saw me and stopped. There was confusion and wariness in her eyes, then she looked in my eyes and gasped.

We stood staring at each other.

"Caleb?" she muttered.

"How do you know me?" I asked.

"It's me... Sapphire, but I thought you... died."

I frowned, "I... don't remember."

I flew down in front of her, she was in shadow as I was in light. I had the desire to touch her cheek, I could sense much pain and sorrow in her.

"Are you... an angel?" she asked, "did you die and come back to life?"

"That's silly, how could I be an angel, they don't exist," I laughed scornfully.

"Really... after the days I've spent here..."

"You are... so beautiful," I whispered. She gasped and I did it, I touched her cheek. She closed her eyes at my touch, "why do I feel this way about you, I have only just met you?" I felt a roaring in my chest, a pleasure that ran too deep to belong to people who had just met. I loved this woman in front of me, a deep yearning filled my heart and I did not understand why, "you confound me," I laughed, "why do I feel this way?"

She opened her eyes and touched a hand to mine. I let go as she held it, "We were in love before you..." she couldn't say the word, "love conquers all things," she said gently. I stared at her hand and traced a finger accross the veins. my eyes reverted to hers and I could not explain the feelings that ran through me.

"I died," I laughed, as if it was insignificant. I suppose it is now, "I came back to life... it must have been the boy," i thought for a moment, "that boy, he can control energy, he must have resurrected me from the earth... but that matters little, what matters is this," I kissed her lips, "I died, I came back, I remember nothing of what I was. I know nothing any more, but I know one thing," once more my hand brushed her cheek, moved a hair from her face, "I know I love you..."

The End

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