Jadia: Strategic Sapphire

“Trish, you’re freaking me out…”

“I told you, I’m not Trish.”

You are! You’re my sister.” Sapphire’s voice was starting rise in pitch because of her frustration.

“Believe what you wish, mortal, but I’m something more than your darkest dreams could ever show.”

Strangely Jadia was not afraid; it must have been the male body she was in. Plus she was sensing nothing but trickery and lies.

“I highly doubt that.” She said roughly.

Sapphire was starting to regain her normal decorum too. She turned back to Jadia, ignoring Trish.

“What now?” Jadia questioned, “You know, we can’t hide-I mean, stay here forever.”

“I think we should go and talk to the others. Maybe Linsey’s calmed down enough to talk without trying to murder people.”

“Hm. Someone should stay and make sure that thing doesn’t try and escape…”

Sapphire turned to fully look Jadia in Kevin’s eyes.

“You’re not scared of going out there, are you?”

“No…well, it would seem a bit strange if Kevin’s suddenly up and walking again. Just…for the sake of the others…”

“Fine, whatever.” Sapphire voice softened for a second, “But you be careful…”

Jadia pulled her close and into a hug again.

“You too, Sapph.”

Once the girl had exited the room, Jadia turned her full attention on ‘Trish’.

“Okay, Trish-”

“I’m not-”

“I know! You’re not Trish. So you said. But that doesn’t really help with our introductions. Name?”

“I do not have a name! I am God.”

“Mm hmm. You’re also delusional. Name?”

The creature scowled but remained tight-lipped. Jadia stretched her consciousness into its, but felt a strong barrier.

“Okay, I can sense humanness from you, but also…something else…another presence. What are you?”

The creature opened its mouth and also its eyes wide. So wide, in fact, that it would be physically impossible for a human to replicate. Instead of hearing a voice though, Jadia was surprised by the sensation that came around into her mind. It was low-pitched and inaudible to human ears with a slight hiss to it, but Jadia found that the sound worked together with her own abilities and managed to decipher itself to her.

My name is ZcheLamotad. I only came looking for asylum and shelter on this planet, but I found the warm-blooded body of a human with an ability just like mine. She didn’t fight; in fact she was happy to have me control her actions for a while. By the time she realised she was being stupid, I had already taking hold of her mind.

So the creature was an alien?

The End

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