Jadia: New Features

Sapphire gasped as the door opened and she saw who was stepping into the room.

“Kevin? But I thought you were…”

“Dead?” Kevin had a little mirth in his voice.


Kevin raised a hand to touch the deep, bloody scratches on his neck. Strangely, when he touched them, there was no excruciating pain, just a mild tingle, like a healed over scab.

Sapphire stepped forward, still a little unsure but confident with her next question, which was obviously an important one that had been playing on her mind.

“Did you see Jadia around? She went with Caleb and I haven’t seen either of them since.”

Kevin grinned. A big wide grin, that left Sapphire looking even more puzzled.

“Sapph, don’t get weirded out, okay? But, it is me, Jadia. My mind in Kevin’s body.”

“Jeez, that’s intimacy if there ever was any.”

Jadia giggled a bit and ran to hug her friend.

“You have to tell me what happened. How did the fight end?”

Then she noticed Trish, glaring at them from behind the invisible energy barrier that surrounded the medical bed.

“Oh! Who…who’s this?” Even without some of her powers, Trish looked menacing.

Sapphire’s reply was reluctant. “This…this is Trish, my sister.”

“Viper!” Trish hissed. Jadia did a double take.

You’re Viper? Come on, you don’t look older than twenty!”

“Oy! Shut it, freezer boy. My age is irrelevant!”

“No, it’s not. But…My father knows you.”

Sapphire (who was still a bit confused by Jadia’s different form), looked very shocked when she heard this news.

Trish also frowned. “What?”

“Owen. Owen Peters.”

Was it Jadia’s imagination or did Trish just blush? Then her face snapped back into its pure evil appearance.

“My name is not Trish, and I do not know this Owen. I am the all powerful God and you will worship me.”

The End

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