Caleb: Change

" You can't, you tried. Give it up." I whisper into her ear, " I will die trying if I have to , because I love you."

Vines shot up from the ground and wrapped around her arms and legs. Lynsey momentarily looked shocked but struggled against them. Spores drifted across the air, moving to make one form, the glowing form of a person. The form placed it's hand on Allens shoulder. The glowing concentrated on his shoulder, passing it's energy.

Immediately Lynsey began changing again, her skin becoming rough and scaly. She ripped at the vines with her claws but when she did the vines came up again, dragging her down to the ground. She burned them all, charring all the greenery, destroying nature. Treetops became braziers that signalled all around of danger. More vines flew up as she ripped and clawed. Birds of all size pecked at her, trees whiped her face with their branches, more spores filled her powerful lungs, making her sleepy, poisoning her. Still she fought. The light disappeared from the figure and the seeds and spores dispersed.

Allen stared at his hands, feeling the energy. Let my energy become yours, let nature guide you, feel the power of the earth, the voice came on the winds, you must do this.

Her struggling form was silhouetted against the dark sky, his face was a mask but I could tell there was pain there. A flash of lightning struck the ground next to him and a figure appeared. It was the spitting image of Adam but his hair was lighter, his eyes warmer, his skin slightly more tanned. He tensed up, arched his back and roared. Wings ripped his shirt to shreds flying out from his back.


I turned to the boy standing next to me, "who is this Adam you speak off?" I asked, "my name is Caleb," I said, "now come, I need you to fight with me, this will not be easy..."

The End

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