Allen: Painful battle

Linsey begins to walk forwards like a predator growling, she turns into a wolf, and leaps forwards. I roll out of the way, the wolf landing behind me.  I was now completely sure she killed Kevin, and tried to kill Trish. I leap far back using a blast of energy. Linsey as a wolf runs towards me jumps and transforms inta dragon blasting flames at me. I form a barrier taking then flame energy as my own. Long sharp talons grab into the barrier. I don't take the energy out of Linsey in fear of killing her. the barrier explodes from the stress. In the last two seconds I make a skin tight barrier.

The flame going around me. I was torn inside.I think what is happening with Linsey, is  a fight between Hate , and love. I still think she could be saved, so I didn't want to hurt her, but yet I may not have a choice she was trying to kill me. I blast my self to a less closed area the dragon shooting fire and Ice at me. I'm guessing the Ice came from Kevin. I  dodge the walls of ice and hit the grassy field hard rolling out of the way while another blast of fire aims directly at me. I steal its energy.

" Its pointless to try to attack me. I can steal the enrgy and as you get tired I just get stronger!" I yell finally attacking as the dragon dives onto me running , directly running into a stream of energy. It doesn't physically damage Linsey but she is knocked off course and barely lands safely on the ground as a dragon.

Linsey flys into the air agian circling around me. What was she thinking?What was her next move going to be?What should I do? I love her but she is trying to kill me. What could I do that will not kill her and bring out the good that must be inside her? The dragon dives down at a fast pace gripping me in her talons one protuding from my left arm.

 "Its over!" She laughs as blood oozes from the one wound.

" You think so?" I ask trying to hide the physical pain and emotional.  I make a barrier sharp and and cut the oversized talon off and make an barrier that expanded her grip on my I slipped out , and fell into a high speed tumble to the ground. I need to go faster.

I could hear Linsey's wings swooping down, the large dragon maw open ready to bite and eat me. I could feel my legs slide between the upper and lower jaw. Before she bites I turn around, i'm about to blast her but she hesitates to bite down. I look into the Dragon eyes and momentarily see Linsey's.  It was too late to stop the small blast that was in the palm of my hand as it explodes onto the dragons face I smoothly hit the ground as the dragon turns into a smaller bird just narrowly missing the ground then turning back into the dragon. I see the Dragon eyes agian. It made sense now If I wanted to save Linsey I couldn't attack her or else she revert to the Dragon or evil.

I dodge the dragons talons, looks like she not going to hit me with something I will willingly steal energy from. The dragon swoops again just barely scratching me. I take a huge amount of energy from the plants around me, and shoot off into the sky, waiting for Linsey to try to kill me. The Dragon wings flap over me the talons reach. She fell for it I  shoot another blast to bring me ontop of the dragon. I land on her back , and cling tightly to the scaled back, and from a strong barrier as she trys to get me off by  running me into things.  The barrier holds. I try to make a connection where I control how much energy  Linsey uses and how much I take so I can make her transform back into a human making it easier for me to make her immobile.

It was hard becuase as she tried to smash me off, I had to concentrate on keeping the barrier strong as well as focusiing hard to get Linsey to turn back into a human. For minutes of thrashing and nearly getting crushed she tires and turns into Linsey. We seperate as she becomes smaller I slide across the sandy beach. I get up before Linsey doese and grab her arms, and lock her legs with barriers nearly laying ontop of her.

" Stop will you, just stop!" I say with so many mixed emotions it was hard to say what is sounded like, " I'm not going to run from you, and I'm not going to let you kill me! I love you too much, and I won't budge until you become the Linsey that I know that loves me." I say into her ear.

" You really ....." She stops midsentence.

"Linsey?" I ask

" Allen." I hear a nearly teary voice, " Go.Now!"

" No, I'm not going anywhere."

" I don't want to kill you."

" You can't, you tried. Give it up." I whisper into her ear, " I will die trying if I have to , because I love you."

The End

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