Linsey: It's Time

What the hellwas that?! I watch Allen walk out ofthe room before Istart pacing around. Did I, Linsey Smyth, just become good for a while? No. I couldn't have. I shouldn't have.

I can sense someone with abilities coming. I sigh and run out of the room. I open a window in the next and look out ofit. Allen is on the floor, looking around a little confused. I shake myhead and smile a little. I twitch again but quickly snap out of it.

I'm evil, for now and for always! I'm notbecoming good again. I start to breath deeply. Just kill them and taketheir powers and I'll be fine. I'll be the most powerful. I will get theirpowers! I will beat them, beat all ofthem!

I jumpout ofthe window and land in front of Allen. I twitch as I can feel the good fluttering inside. I growlat in and glare at Allen. He gets to his feet and stands in front of me. What's he doing? Why is he getting closer?

Too close! Too close! Itake a stepback. He smiles sweetly at me and I shake myhead. My eyes are giving away the evil inside ofme but I don't think he realises it.

Part of me wants himtorealise and run far away fromme. The other part doesn't, it wants him to get closer and then I'll rip his heart out! My head starts to hurt, there is a battle inside ofme, good vs evil. I keep changing. I take a few more stepsback until I can't go anywhere else, there is a tree behind me.

Allen puts his hands either side ofmyface. He starts tolean forward. I want him tokiss me but fortwo different reasons. I push him away, tears in my eyes. My good side is out but I don'tknow forhowlong.

"Al, stay away from me. I don'twant to hurt you." Tears start to fall down myface. "Lins, you won'thurt me. I knowthat." He starts to get closer again but I move away. "Allen, I can't control it. I'm evi..." I start to twitch, turning evil again.

A smile spreads across my face, making Allen confused. I start tolaugh. "Game's over Allen. Soory but you lost. I've won." I stepcloser to him. "Linsey, what are you on about?" I laugh harder. "You're next to die Allen. Shame, I was starting to like you. The good part of melikes you... no. That part loves you but doesn't want to admit it." I smile at his confused face.

"Come here, it's time for your last moments and unlike with the others, you get to choose what you want to do before you die." His eyes are wide and I'm walking closer tohim, just like a wolf does to it's prey.

The End

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