Allen: Under the stars

As I kissed Linsey, I saw her eyes light up but but then darken when she pulls away. It really was an amazing kiss. Linsey turns around picking up her plate , and munches down on her toast.  I wasn't sure  wether I should ask whats up or to drop it. I was getting really tired.  I slip off the counter.

" I'm off to bed see you tommorow morning." I say and hug Linsey.  For a moment her body violently twitches but then she calms down.

" See you tommorrow morning, Allen."  Linsey says.

I then head up the stairs to my still destroyed room. I shoot the debris off a matress. My ceiling is so destroyed that I mind as well sleep outside. I jump out from the window smoothly hitting the ground. I drop the matress onto the ground, and drop myself under the sky. The clouds had parted the stars illumanitating there own little parts of sky. It was peaceful compaired to the violent day I just lived through.  I Also thought about Linsey alot, the kiss and her odd behaviour.  I soon fell to sleep.

I don't know how much later it was when I woke up.  I heard footseps behind me. I look around but don't see them. 

" Hello."  I say

The End

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