Jadia: Soul and Mind

Jadia’s mind soared through the air, searching for her friends and the other ‘bad guys’. She found that she could drift on a current of wind or just fly using will-power. She supposed that a soul/mind did not have to listen to the laws of nature…The only time Jadia would ever not have to.

When Jadia finally pinpointed their precise location, she gasped and wondered whether her eyes were deceiving her, or that her father was playing time-travelling tricks on her. The building was in immaculate condition, as though it had never been destroyed by her brother. Swooping down, her soul hovered above the kitchen and the medical bay. It radiated happiness at how free it was and how amusing that it could be in two place at once; since being with her father, Jadia’s power had grown to an extreme.

From the kitchen (where Linsey and Allan were sitting) there was the sense of love and confusion, and also trickery…But they were mixed so together that Jadia could not break them apart and inspect the emotions in a way to make sure they were certainly what she assumed.

From the medical bay (Esmerelda and Kate were just leaving-frustration from them-and Sapphire was just arriving), Jadia could sense a new life-sign, weak and dangerous, and sibling anger, like the stuff that sometimes used to radiate from Caleb and herself. Although she could sense everything, Jadia couldn’t piece the story together, couldn’t tell what had happened when she had been gone.

Speaking of which, where was Caleb…or Kevin, for that matter? Free from material things, Jadia’s soul could sense its real emotions, and she missed him. She realised then that, though her first actions were brought on by silly boredom and fear of not living for ever, now her feelings could not be clearer; she loved him!

Jadia stretched out her metaphorical hands to search in the house and all around the surrounding areas but could feel no aura of the boys anywhere. Finally, just before giving up, Jadia spotted a body beside the sea, almost being swept away by the rough high time that was coming in.

It didn’t take long for Jadia’s mind to dive down and identify the body. It was Kevin. And he was dead.

Jadia wanted to cry, but being just a soul she could not. Soon her lover’s body would be swept away by the sea and never be seen again. Well, Jadia couldn’t have that. Summoning all her mental strength, the soul dropped into Kevin’s body, straight to his heart and activated his brain.


Kevin stood up, lifted a scarred hand and inspected it. Jadia couldn’t really say she liked being a boy, but this body was not much more of a different shape to Jadia’s own, flat boyish figure. Pushing out the hand she had been observing, Jadia attempted to shoot a bolt of ice towards the bodies of the evil men in black, but there was nothing. Trying again, Jadia found Kevin’s self frowning. No power? Then where was it? At least she/he/they still contained Jadia’s Psychic ability. And something was telling her to stay away from the occupants of this house for now.

But there was one person who even logic couldn’t stop Jadia from seeing. She was no way gonna stay away from Sapph, especially if she knew her brother’s whereabouts.


Jadia, in Kevin’s body, went to question Sapphire in the medical room.

The End

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