Linsey: Growing Good

I'm sitting in the biggest tree I found so far and resting my head back. Inside I know the evil is everywhere, its all black. But somewhere I can sense the good side of me still fighting.

I groan at it. Stupid good. I need to find a way to get rid of it. But how? I'm searching through all my memories, trying to find something that caused this little light inside. There's not many. Mainly it all ended badly apart from... Oh, this could be interesting. Looks like I'll have to do something about that Allen. I could sense love from him before but do I really feel it back? No! I'm evil! I can't love! Love is for weak people! I shall not be weak! I shall be strong!

I run out to the tree and to the beach in seconds. Man, I do love this power! Only thing I didn't get from Trish is being able to come alive again. I look out to the sea and smile evilly. Thinking about my recent murders.

I turn my back on the sea and faze into a black bear. Funny how, when I don't think about the animal in great detail, I always faze into something with a black coat. I'll have to sort that out if I want to still mess with them. I want to have a laugh before the proper fun begins.

I can sense Allen and Sapphire, I slow down my speed and run to them. They look up in surprise but I quickly faze back into me. I smile at them. So much power coming of these two and they don't even realise. My eyes start to scan the place and found someone missing. Adam. I frowned.

"Where's Adam?" I ask, crossing my arms over my chest. Sapphire bursts out crying and I roll my eyes. Weak. "He. He died." I nod at Allen, annoyed. That's just great! Another ability that I can't get! This better not happen again.

I look Allen up and down and I can feel a pull towards him. Not just because of his power but because of something else. No! It's weak! Evil knows no love! I growl at myself and turn away. "We should get back to the house, it's getting dark." I say through gritted teeth. I start to walk off.

Stupid good side of me! Why do it feel this way? I have to stop it; but how?

I can sense the others following me as I'm at the doors, I open them. Waiting for them to walk in first. They did and said thanks. I go inside and close the door shut. I look down at my clothes. I'm gonna need some more. These are all ripped, muddy, torn and bloody.

I follow Allen and Sapphire into the room where Kate and Emerelda are. No Jadia. Where is that girl? I shrug and walk out and go into the kitchen. All this killing is making me hungry.

I start making cheese on toast, it's the only thing I can make that's okay to eat. I can tell Allen is in here with me. I take a bite out of my cheese on toast and sit on the counter. He comes over and sits next to me. Why isn't he saying anything? I look at him and he looks right back.

As I look into his eyes I can feel the light side of me flutter, trying to break free with all it's might. I swallow and look at my plate. "Linsey, we need to talk." I shug. "It's about today." I sigh and lookat him, the longing to kill dies away a little. "What about today Al?" I'm trying to act like the old me, stupid. Well, I was for falling in love.

"You're different. Ever since the fight, you've changed." Has he found out? No he couldn't have. I look intohis eyes and bit my lip. I sigh. "You're right. I have changed.I want things that I've never wanted before like..." I stop, eyes wide. That wasn't me. That was too open. It's the light inside. Curse that light!

"Like what?" Allen asks. He's so closer to me. It'll only take me seconds to kill him. No. That's not the plan! Play along. I turn and face him. "Well." Ilean closer. "I really, really want to do something now." I lean a little closer. He swallows. "What's that then?" He leans closer too.

I can feel the heat coming off of his muscular chest. Our faces are inches apart. The thing telling me to kill is so little, it's hard to tell it's there. "This." I say then pull him closer. His lips are on mine. I can feel the ight inside me growing. No. I have to stop. I won't be good. I won't! I pull away, both of us breathless.

I pick upmy plate and turn away from him. I pick up my cold cheese on toast and start eating. I need to be more careful.

The End

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