Allen: What is that supposed to mean?

" Thats if she could, from what I can tell she doesn't have the energy of someone with powers like us. Essiantally she can't hurt us. "  I reply. Linsey, brings her  fist back.  It was getting late. Where the hell was sapphire , And Adam.

" Oi Lins. Have you seen Sapphire or Adam?" I ask , but she left quickly. How was I supposed to keep an eye on Linsey while I look after Trish?  I get up and form an energy barrier that would drain then energy out of you to the point of exhaustian if you made any type of contact with it.  Now its time to look for Linsey, maybe I can get down to her wierd behavior.  I hit the ground lightly, I can't believe how fast I have recovered!  I look around the sun slowly sinking into the neverending ocean. I didn't have a lot of time in the light.

I take off looking for energy like Linsey, Sapphires, I couldn't sense Adam anylonger.  Did he die or is he nearing death?  I try to concentrate looking for the lost energy. I could feel only a slight dispersment of his energy.  Definetly near death or is dead.  I hope I didn't find Adam dead, that would suck.  I run through the forest to find Sapphire crying on the ground.

" Is Adam?"

" Dead. Yes. He just dissolved...... In my hands." She sobs.I stand across from her.

" I'm really sorry, Saph.Its getting late. Should I bring you back to the house or would you like to be left here? Something, or someone killed Kevin.All I can say it wasn't the men in black or Trish."  I said. Sapphire looked at me.

" Before Adam....... He said  Linsey, Bad, Trick." She began to cry uncontrollably. 

What was that supposed to mean? I went over to Sapphire, I was going to ask her agian but right now I felt it was a good time to get to the house.

" Come on. Lets get in."  I say offering a hand , she reluctantly take it, and we both walk to the house her crying, and me thinking. 

What did Linsey, bad, trick mean? I couldn't help but think that she was brainwashed like Adam and was the one who killed Kevin.  I look up into the sky. Where the hell did you go? Why are you different now?

The End

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