Linsey: Anger

Me, Allen, Esmerelda and Kate are in the medicle room with Trish. I'm sitting on a chair, with my arms crossed, glaring at Trish. How dare she still be alive! How dare she! Well, at least I've got her power, I can feel that much.

My eyes are blazing and I'm gritting my teeth. Stupid Allen! If he didn't instist on finding out why she helped keep us here, I'm sure I can find a way to get rid of her! My fists are balled. Oh, I can't wait until I've got all the powers of these teens. Oh how powerful I can be.

Trish smiles at me and I snarl at her, getting to my feet. I walk over to her and go to punch her in the face but Allen catches my fists. I glare at him. "She shouldn't be here! She's the emeny and she's gonna try and kill us again!" I snarl at him, eyes blazing.

The End

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