Adam: Dissolve

"You can't kill me, I am indestructible," she whispered into my ear as the flames came down on us, "and you are all doomed besides... there is one here who contains more evil than any of you..."

I raised my eyebrows and shielded her from the blast, taking it all on my stone back.

"Who?" I shouted.

"Your precious little shape-shifter... she thinks love is weak and doesn't allow herself to get close to anyone but this is exactly how we wanted her to think... we made her change into that dragon... we made her think she killed her parents all to put the seed of evil in her... because she closed herself off to love and intimacy she made herself ever more vulnerable to her powerful hatred that would one day consume her... all so that we could tame her and unleash her on all you pathetic creatures."

I grabbed her head, the stone closing in and crushing. I thrusted her into the flames, "love makes us strong... love gives us the power to do what must be done, your trick will never work for we will not let it... despite your best efforts missy I know she loves Allen and that will prevail!"

I was getting weak, the flames stopped and we both collapsed to the ground.

"ADAM!" Sapphire came running towards me as the dragon flew away, "Adam please say you're still alive..."

I coughed, "...barely," I grumbled, slowly the stone faded back into seared flesh blackened and charred, "how could you love this..." I half laughed in agony. Trish's breath fluttered, "we-failed," I clenched my fists around some earth, "I'm sorry, I let you down again."

"Adam don't be silly," she traced her finger tentativley across the burns, "you'll be fine, we'll be fine just... don't give up, please!" darkness crept to the outline of my sight as a thick haze filled my head.

" I do love you, you know," I said, "I'm so sorry for what I've done, I can never live it down my love," with great difficulty I placed my fingers on her cheek, wiping away a tear, "don't let my death be in vain please."

"No!" she said angrily.

"I'm sorry, I've made you angry," I sighed heavily, "it was nice seeing my sister again, i think I'll miss her... but all this was for you Sapphire... everything for you..." my breathing became laboured as the end drew closer, "...but there is... something I must... tell you... Linsey...bad...trick..."

Slowly I felt my body dissolve into the ground, it was the strangest feeling of freedom.

The End

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