Allen: Second dead body , well nearly dead

"Payback." She shrugs. Within half an hour I find Linsey by two dead bodies.

" I see." I look at the body of Trish mixed emotions of hate, and family like love conflicting.  Her body convulses and she begins to breath again.

" She not quite dead, yet. I think we should keep her alive for questioning."  Before Linsey even moves.

" What? she tried to kill us, and everyone else!" She yell looking slightly worried

" And I want to know why!"  I yell back tired of being pushed around. 

" A little soft Allen. I just think you can't stand killing. She doing exactly what she wants you to do. Trust her then she will kill you in the end."  Linsey  points out.

" I beat her once in a fight. Injured. She injured she can't put a scratch on me." I say as I tap the gound a bit of the grass disappears and Trish's body is floating. 
I could see Linsey was really angery. Behind me I hear the others, Her facial expression calmed a bit. Something was definelty up with her. 

" Is she dead yet?" Ezzie asks.

" No but she needs medical attention. I would like to keep her alive so we can get a grasp on whats goin on here."

" I think its off with her head." Hayley says.

" This isn't going to be a vote if you don't like ,I  invite you to try to stop me." I say getting angry.

The End

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