Linsey: Another Killing

Hmmm, Trishs power is strong too. I smile. "Looks like it's time to kill!" Ilaugh as I faze into a black tiger and run to find her.

Oooh. This is will sooo good! I run forward and can see Trish running away. No one else is around. Great! I faze back in to me and send ice over the ground, trapping Trish. She grunts annoyed. "Let me go Kevin or I'll kill your sister!" She yells through chattering teeth. I laugh, standing behind her.

"Too bad that's not going to work, I'm not Kevin." I stand in front of her and she gasps. "You? Oh yes. I've read your file. I was wondering why you weren't evil yet." She smiles at me. "I can helpyouget stronger! With help from meand mypower youcan control the world!" I shake myhead at her. "Your right, I need your power but I dont need you."

I kill her quickly, taking her power. I can tell Allen is on hisway, I take away the icey ground soit looks just like before. Allens face is red. "Why did you leave me then?" He look at Trishs dead body. "Payback." I say shruging

The End

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