Allen: Full recovery , and too suspiciouse.

 A disturbance in energy through the forest redirects my course through the forest. I feel a surge of energy and suddenly I think I make a full recovery. I use a burst of energy an land onto the beach Linsey was kneeling down by a bloodied looking Kevin. I run over. How? Is he?  runs through my head. stop and look down his throat is slit open.

" He is dead." Linsey answeres my question before I could ask.

" How?"   I ask without thinking. It wasn't the first time I face death, but looked too much like the first time. My mind flashes back to a blood filled halls, and screams. Fear flickers across my face but I quickly take control of my emotions again, and put on the usual calm look.

" I just found him like this." Lins simply puts it.

I hated to point it out but she put us into the wrong direction of Kevin when she has animal tracking abilities. She also told us she was going to find the others. It was susipicouse. I take a better look at Kevins bloody body.  It had lots of fist shaped bruise and punctures plus anyone who has ever seen a claw wound would see the similarities in his neck.  I look at Lins agian. Now Kevin either got ambushed by a wild animal, or a shapeshifter.I look at Linsey, I found it hard to believe, actually couldn't believe , I also felt that had no real evidence saying that she killed Kevin. I was defineltly not letting her out of sight, from now on.

" I would blame those men in black, or maybe another person with abilities." Linsey points out.  I nodd in agreement hiding my suspiscion. I'm so gonna kick my self if she is the murderer. I warn my self as Ezzie and Kate finally arrive.  Kate gasp and put a hand over her mouth. Ezzie just gasps.  Then Sapphire, without Adam stumbles out of the forest. 

" Trish is still" She looks to see ,Kevin ,and stops midsentence.

" Alive?" I ask


The End

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