Linsey: Power

I can tell we are near him so I quickly fly down in front of Kate and Emerelda. They curse and  jump back. I faze back into me when I let go of Allen. We're close! I can almost feel Kevins power becoming mine!

I have to get rid of them! "Guys, I think he's gone into the woods. That way!" I put to the trees and they go in that direction but suddenly stop. "C'mon then Lins." Allen yelled. Man, that guy is getting on my nerves! "I'm gonna look for the others. You lot go on with out me." They nod and go off.

Finally! Now, time to go after that ability!

I run over to Kevin and see him crying. I roll my eyes. How pathetic! "Kevin. Are you okay?" I say sweetly, getting closer and closer to him. "I'm thinking about my family." I roll my eyes and snarl at him. He looks shocked as I push him to the floor.

"What th...?" "Shut up! I'm gonna take your powers. That means killing you. Stay still ice-boy!" I snarl at him, showing my teeth. I lurnge forward and a wall of ice hits me. I growl at Kevin, my face twisted. "Your not killing me!" He sends ice pillers at me. I dodge.

I growl at him again. "Stay still!" This is annoying! I faze into a dragon and send waves after waves of fire at him. He dogdes and freezes them. I growl. This is not how things are suppost to go! He's strong, real strong! I scratch him and he goes down. KILL KILL KILL! The words fly around my head. I jump and suddenly I'm covered in ice! I'm just like an ice statue.

"Your not going tokill me; I'm now going tokill you!" He starts moving the ice, braking my leg. Pain rushes all over me. That's it!

I smash out of the ice and send Kevin flying into a tree.

He gets up, shaking. I laugh as he send more and more ice pillers at me. I send them flying. This is it! I jump forward, and he punches me in the face. I faze back into me and kick him in the stomache, he goes flying. Then I punch him, he tries to stopmy punches but I just hit him faster and faster.

Blood is everywhere! He's getting weaker but he still tries to fight back. I turn myfingernails into sharp claws.

I start to scratch him. He screams out but I slit his throat, taking his powers with meas I go. Finally! My blood boils as his powers become mine! 

The End

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