Kevin: Final Words

Ive never cried so much in my entire life, i ran away from home to escape from the people who was going to put me here, 3 years later im here anyway. When i first discovered my powers i was only 6, i was impressed by them and i started showing them off, this seemed to have gotten the attention of people that arnt to be messed with. They tried to kidnap me, they failed twice.

The first time, we heard knocks on the door, and then after a loud crashed, they had kicked the doors down, my brother went into the room. He was shot to death.
The second time, it was my mother, i was in the living room hiding under the couch, then she tried to save my life, she got shot in the head, her dead body fell, her eyes still open, looking at me. I fought the urge to get out from under there and kill them all, but id be endangering my sister.

Since then i was living with my dad, but since the death of my mum he became clinically depressed, afriad to lose me or my sister he spoilt us, but when he found out that it was me that they were after he didnt treat me so nicely. He started to beat me and hurt me, cut me, burn me. Any harm that he could cause to me he did. Later in that month my sister saw him abuse me, she was what 7? She then started to self harm... at 7! She got the idea when she caugh me doing it after one of my daily beatings.

I ran away a few weeks after, when walking the streets i walked past a tv shop, and they had the news playing. My father had hung himself and my sister has been taken to an orphanage. I was getting ready to run back home, but then they found me. I managed to freeze one completly and smash him so he was just a nice pile and crushed ice. Then I got shot once, in the arm, that took me down to my back. Thats when they restrained me and captured me, i was in some kind of prison for 3 years.

Then i seemed to have been allowed out, but i was nowhere near home, so i couldnt go back, so they allowed me to drink away my pain, it worked for that day, i seemed to have forgotten everything. Then after that, i seemed to have blacked out, then i woke up in the cupboard... My life seemed to get wierder ever since.

When i get off this island im going to find my sister, and im going to take care of her. She deserves the best care, and my dad didnt give her anything she deserves.

Thinking all of this only made me cry more. Even though i fought back the tears more kept coming. It became uncontrollable.

I was walking along the beach until i could hear people shouting...


The End

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