Linsey:I Know Where He Is.

So Adam, Sapphire, Jadia and Kevin are missing. I'm not too bothered about Jadia at the moment. She'll know about me and she'll tell the others, well that's only if I talk near her or act oddly. Another advantage of the dragon taking over.

I start to giggle. Those people in black thought it would be easy didn't they? And now they're all dead. That'll teach them to attack me! I can feel the others eyes on me. Oh, so much power they hold! I can feel myself getting an adrenaline rush already! I shrug at them and sit back in my seat.

I quickly lean forward, eyes wide. I run to the widow and open it, then I stick my head out of it. I can feel his power. I know where he is, exactly where he is! I'm just about to change but I can feel a hand on my back. "Lins, where are you going?" I sigh, rolling my eyes. Why does that Allen guy bother? I still can't get over the fact he thinks he's got a chance.

"I know where Kevin is." I say as I turn to look at him and the others, their eyes wide. "Where?"Allen asks. "Well, he was by the house a while ago." I can feel the fustration coming off of Emerelda. I can tell she wants to know where Kevin is and I also know that my little dragon scared her. I smile at her.

I sigh turning back to the window. I know that the old Linsey would tell them. I sigh. "He's at the beach." I say. They all run out of the house with me following. Allen isn't really running and he's weighing me down! I know I'm not going to get there before anyone else.

Once outside I faze into a giant eagle. I pick up Allen and fly off to Kevin on the beach. God, it's taking me all of my strength to not drop Allen and steal his powers here but I know I mustn't. It'll be easier when they're all together!

The End

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