Allen: Where is

A few hours pass. I was actually healling faster then I had expected. Most of my cuts had sealed themselve into scabs my burns where looking more like rosy red spots, but with the speedy recover became massive tiredness. Throughout the few housr Linsey and I ahve barely said a word. She seemed lost in thought , and to put a little more to that she had a rather evil looking sneer on her face. Sure I'm not a professonial physcologist or anything but if you asked me it was a happy smile sure but at the same time it didn't look fully happy. 

My ribs still stung like hell , but I could breath. I got off the chair that I ve uncomfortably been sitting on.  I felt all my blood  circulate properly , and momentarily felt lightheaded.  I sorta stumble out of the room. Linsey seemed to lost in thought to have noticed.  Like I said I really haven't known her long but for the time I have known her she is acting strangely. I looked outside the sun was low in the sky must be about near six o clock now.

" Hey do you want some dinner? Or maybe we should find the others.  I heard Kevin voice earlier , but haven't heard or seen sapphire, Adam or Jadia. Actually we should just grab a snack and find them." I half talk to my self, as Linsey finaly takes notice of my present.

" Uh ,sure, I guess."

" Yeah lets grab the others too. I'm not to sure if I can fight to a full extent yet." I say as I tap the door where Ezzie and Kate.

" Eh , you two know where kevin or the others are?"

The End

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