Linsey: Do I Have To Be Good?

He thinks he's evil ha! If he thinks killing people to save others is evil, I wonder what he'll think of the new Linsey Smyth.

I can see Allen struggerling, I just stand there watching. For someone with such a strong power he sure is weak! I realise that the old Linsey would help him. I sigh shaking my head. If I have to do this all the time I swear I'll turn good! I turn my nose up in disgust of that thought.

I got over and help him go into a room with lots of chairs. I put him in one and just stand there, thinking. "Thanks." Wow. He really does like me, the old me. What a surprise he's gonna get when he finds out what I've become! I sit down next to him and extend my hearing. Okay. I can tell there's some people in the house, that's good and bad. Looks like I've gotta wait for the rest.

Well, my evil has been waiting for years and now it's free to do as it pleases! I smile evilly. I can feel Allens questioning eyes on me, but I ignore him. I can see that the nice me would stay with him for as long as it takes for him to get better. I think I can do that.

Anyway, it'll give me a chance to learn how to trick them all. Oh, I can't wait until I have all their abilities! So much power! The whole world will be a ball of fire once I have my way. So much darkness, so much pain. Oh, I can't wait!


The End

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