Allen: Doese that make me evil

I swear the soldiers know I am in the room they are just delay finding me for dramatic effect. I few cupboards down from me open up and a light flashes in the darkened tunnel of cupboards. It was now or die.  I take the scalpal just as my cupboard opens , I slice the soldiers throat he can't scream or talk now. I take the soldiers energy he turns to dust.  The energy taken from the soldier was much better than that of an inaminate object. The soldiers comrades shoot at me a weak barrier protects meand begins to grow from the bullets.

I get enough energy to move and and fight again. I shoot the barrier forwards absorbing the energy out of the soldiers completetly. It felt like an evil thing to take the energy out of someone. Even if they where in fact the evil ones, I still felt evil. I look through the house I couldn't find anymore. My legs feel weak again, I nearly fall back down to the ground. Who would have thought, being injured takes energy?  I catch myself before I hit the ground, on a table. I feel like a useless trash.

I stand myself up , with a confidence I didn't have. Its going to take a few days but I will get better. However my chest hurts like hell. Stop being so weak! I get angry at myself.

Linsey walks through the front door she looked unscathed, almost had a different atitude , but hey I haven't known her long enough so maybe she always been a happy.

"Hey Linsey." I say holding my chest. She smiled.

"Your up already huh? Where is everybody else?" Linsey says.

" I have no clue. I think Ezzie and Katy are here. Maybe Kevin but I haven't seen Jadia. A few soldiers came here looking for something. I killed them, turned em to dust. Does that make me evil?" I ask.

Linsey smile but enderneath the face muscles i see something different like a sorta disgust, sayiung thats hardly evil at all.

" No not at all." She replies.

The End

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