Linsey: Dragon Inside.

I'm blowing fire at Adam and Trish, Sapphire's controlling it. This better work soon, I can feel myself growing weaker and the dragon inside growing stronger.

Fire is all I see, it's everywhere! I can see Sapphire starting to struggle to keep control. God, I hope I don't hurt her! I keep the fire going, it's growing stronger and more powerful just like the growing evil of the dragon inside me.

I stopped my fire before it could become too much for Sapphire. I start flying closer to inspect what I've done. Sapphire runs to a burnt Adam, tears running down her face. Trish is there all crisp. I spit some more fire at her to make sure she's really dead. Shoot! Shouldn't of done that!

I scream out my horrible cry. The pain of the dragon taking over is excrutiating! Fire starts to pour out of my mouth, my mind becoming clouded with evil. This is one of the draw backs from becoming the dragon. It's the strongest creature, the one that can and will change me. I can feel myself changing. I'm starting to see everything in a darker way.

Sapphire tries to stop my fire. I stop and faze back into me. My smile is pure evil, as I turn to the house. So much power in the house, so much to take! If some put up a fight, all the better.

First, I'll have a little fun. I'll act like nothing has changed but then, I'll go in for the kill. Some many powers in here. I giggle as I plan my killing spree ahead of me.

The End

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