Adam: Fighting the Woman

Twenty men slowly approach a small copse. There they see nought but trees and grass. But in the center lies a stone figure. Slowly the men draw their guns.

The eyes open.

In one jump the stone bursts from me, like bullets the shards fly out and pierce the men's skin. Ten men drop dead.

I felt the wind and the earth combine and created a dustdevil that whirled around me. The dust picked up dirt and stone and wood, cutting and slicing and eating at their skin. The rest of them drop down.

I knelt down and touched the earth. I could feel the vibrations left from running feet and could sense the light footed pound of Sapphire. I followed the trail, occasionally kneeling down, putting my ear to the ground. I was close.

I followed a mud track leading towards the sea into a large opening. Sapphire lay on the ground as if she had fallen, or been tripped up. I could see Linsey in her tiger form prowling the perimeter.

Stealthily I approached her side.

"Let me distract them, then you take them down one by one," I whispered and before she could protest I ran into the clearing.

"WHAT?" the woman shouted, Sapphire turned towards me, her face telling me to go, "you are supposed to be dead, can't they do anything?" she brought out a radio, "Hawkin, you there?" she said, "Martin?" there was no reply, "twenty soldiers... dead, no matter... men, ATTACK!"

Saph fell to the floor, expecting attack.

We all looked around, there were no soldiers. Instead from behind the trees came a sleek tiger, swaggering to Saph's other side.

The woman growled, "this is your fault!" she hissed with and unearthly hatred and went to punch me.

I caught her fist in my hand and twisted it. A look of shock filled her face mixed with pain, "what, my power-?"

"The Earth has suffered abuse for many years, yet still it stands and fights back harder... I am the very mountains!" I retaliated with a punch of my own, sending her into a tree.

She got up, almost unphazed, "mountain or not, you will fall!" She came at me with blinding speed and went for my legs, I turned only my skin into stone, I felt the blow but no pain. At the same time the tiger jumped into the air and span in a corkscrew, turning into a smaller, faster dragon. The dragon shot flame at the woman who just dodged, her clothes singed.

"LINS! use as much flame as you can!" Sapphire ordered.

With a knowing look, Linsey shot more flame. Sapphire enhanced it's power, controlling the movement so that the flame homed in on the woman who pirouetted and swirled out of the way. She came right towards me. I grabbed her, pinning her arms to the side.

"As much power as you can!" I shouted, Linsey spat more flame but Sapphire hesitated, "JUST DO IT!"

The flame came towards us both, with more heat and raw power than I had ever felt before. Before I was engulfed I saw Sapphire's distraught face and smiled, for the thousandth time, "...for you," I muttered.

The End

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