Kate: Nope.

Ezzie and I had been in the dark room for over an hour.

"I'm borrrrrrred!"I whined.

"I see this isn't going to work..."She murmured and opened the door.

"How many room's are there in this GOD DAMN HOUSE?!"I yelled at the wall, fuming. I wanted to go home. I hate it here...

and why was I on a island, and whycan't we call the police?!

I want to go home. This place is ridiculas.

"Take. Me. Home!"I snarled at her, she looked utterely shocked.

"I can't!" She said sadly.

"Please. I don't like it here, are we being kept? Why is every one either fighting or hurt? Is it because.... Oh god, it's because of my powers isn't it? Mum said I was a skiso.... oh god! Do you have powers too? Or am I actually going round the twist? Noooo!!!!"I babbled at top speed.

She slapped me. I stood there, sort of shocked.

"Pull yourself together women!"She snapped and stalked out of the room and I followed.

Where ARE we, and WHY can't we get home?

The End

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