Allen: Weak

My world is blurred, every inch of my body aches or burns. I think I've been slumped onto a chair. I try to focus on something in my blurred world but fail. I try to move a mustle but my arm only twitches. Atleast I'm still alive, just barely. My eyes try to shut but I need to stay up I was to afriad, to go back to sleep. I fall off the chair. I hit a wooden floor full of glass shards. Where did Linsey go? I listen carefully. There was fighting outside , I wanted to help but I hardly could move. I grab the chair, and take what little energy it has. My body feels a little less heavy but I knew I would need to steal energy from a proper energy source to get back to a state where I could move. I cough up more blood. I need medical attention.

I felt my ribs several ribs where broken all them probably stabbing into my lungs, A simple fix if only a doctor was around. I wish this energy stealling would heal me not just give me energy.  My eyes slowly creep shut.

" No you don't." I say angrily still bleeding. I grab miscelaineouse objects around me until I get enough nergy to drag my self to the half destroyed medical bay. I Unwrap a few bandages and cover my limbs to stop the bleeding and covered the burns with a specail gell. The fighting outside got more intense. I could hear Linseys voice.

" Don't get hurt out there." I mutter , I nearly fall back a sleep but wake up as my hand nearlypuntures a hole in my leg. I was holding knife in it so if I did fall asleep I would wake myself up with a sudden pain. I pick my hand up agian. I hear combat boots on the wooden floors.

" crap they in here." I hiss as I drag my broken body into the cupboards.

I hated feeling so weak, but I had pushed myself to hard to the point that I'm aware now is a little astonishing.

" I swear next time I won't fail and get hurt." I curse myself quietly as soldiers step into the room.

The End

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