Linsey: Revenge In Planning.

I wake up, my head ringing. God, that dragon wasn't a good idea, I think I need some practise. I sat up slowly and looked around. The people in black are gone and Allan is on the ground in front of me!

I rush over to him. "Allan! Allan! For gods sake wake up!" I start shaking him but he still doesn't wake. I have to get him back into the house. I turn into a elephant and put him on my back. Things are a little fuzzy but I think I can still get him into the house.

I go as fast as I can. There's still some kind of fighting going on. I sneek into the house and faze back into me and drag Allan into a room and put him on a chair.

I look at him. God, he looks bad. My eyes are stinging.  I have to go, I have to find that Trish and make her pay! I give Allan one last look and kiss him gently on the head before I run out the room.

I faze into a tiger when I get outside. I can hear Sapphire. She's in trouble! I quickly run towards her. The people in black are around her and Trish is there too! I have to be quiet. They don't know I'm here yet.

I pace around them. Man, this is gonna be hard! I will do it, even ifit's the last thing I do. I will kill that Trish girl!


The End

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