Kate; WTF?

okay, the last thing I remember was someone called Ezzie and a island.

I rubbed my thudding head groaning, where the HELL was I?

"Kate! Are you okay? You just collapsed in a heap!"Said a blonde girl, whose green eyes were full of worry.

"And who are you? Okay, jokes over Max, where did you get the scenery? It's VERY realistic!"I hissed.

"Who's Max?"Said the blonde girl, puzzled.

"Are you being SERIOUS! He's my boyfriend! As well as Joe and Callum and Luke..."My voice trailed off, counting my boyfriends.

"Okay, it was funy at first but now your starting to freak me out!"Cried the green eyed girl.

"Fine. Let's start with: 'hi, I'm Kate, who are you?'"I said sarcastically.

"Ezzie! Your friend!"She said, hurt.

"Oh god dammit! Don't cry, baby! Just tell me what's going on and we'll find help!"

"Help? Help?"She said iricudiously.

"Yes, y'know, the police!"I said in a 'duh' tone.

"You can try."She said dryly.

"Ohhhh, who's HE?"I said, pointing a a rather good looking boy/man with dark blonde hair standing in the woods.

"Oh my gosh, KATE! Your thirteen! Allen's seventeen, what is WRONG with you? I'm taking you inside!"

"what?"I said, my eyebrows raised, "I like older men, what can I say!"I smirked as Ezzie pulled me inside a manky house.

The End

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