Ezzie: Found Them!

Kate and I were sat down under a big oak tree, staring out to sea, eahausted. Suddenly, something woke both of us up - the sound of..... no it couldn't be.... the sound odf a gunshot. It sounded dangerously near, so I jumped up. Kate tried to do the same but, as she had a sprained ankle, fell back down again.

"Oh, are you okay?" I ask, rushing over to her.

"Yes, I'm fine, let's go and see where that gunshot came from."Kat replied. So, we walked around, but (again) couldn't see anyone or anything. Like it knoew what we were doing, another few gunshots went off and nearly scared the life out of me.

" It sounds like it's coming from the forest - come on!" said Kate as she limped towards the forest.

"Yeah okay, let's go."

Eventually, we got there with the gunshots drumming in our ears. From now on, we HAD to be careful; we could die if we weren't. Suddenlt, I saw a flash of orange and black.....Linsey. When I saw her, I knew that Allen would be close. Just a flash of blue light and I'd know. A blue light flashed in front of my eyes and I muttered "Wow..." to myself.

"Come on, Allen and Linsey are fighting, we need to help." I whispered to Kate. We cautiously crept forward and got behind Allen's energy barrier.

"Hi. Need any help?" I questioned him.

"Huh? Oh hi, I wondered where you two were. Nah, I'll be fine - as long as I don't lose any energy." He answered, surprosed.

"Oh, okay."

"Well this is strange; we're on an island, fighting people we don't know, and Allen's quite confident.....what the hell?"

The End

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