Sapphire: Sisterly Love

After assisting Jadia with Caleb, I ran off in the general direction of the destruction. I must stop them; I must help in some way. But how? I don't really have much to fight for, do I?

My mind suddenly flashes back to my birthday, I'm there with my sister, laughing with her and having fun. Blowing on the candles of my cake and opening all of my presents. I am going to do it for her, my (what feels like) only family back home.

I run faster, getting nearer and nearer to the mass of destruction. I then see some men dressed in black, and start running towards them, shooting balls of fire at them. They start firing bullets at me, but I just throw a shield of fire at them. This disintegrates the bullets. One stops and yells;

"Is that her?" to the other, pointing in my direction. The other one, who is fatter than the others, gets them to hold fire. Which isn't easy for them as they still have me shooting fire balls at them.

"I think so, we better tell the boss" he says. What? That is weird. The fat one then touches his earpiece and says;

"Viper, I think we've found her." Then suddenly this cloaked figure appears, between the two men. For some weird reason, this made me want to hold my fire. I try to look at the figure but the hood shadows her face.

"Hello young one, we meet again. Unfortunately for you." Says the voice, which is barely audible over the destruction going on in the background (and to me playing my ipod too loud, I miss my screamo music). Is this the person I remembered from my memory, when I woke up in the house?

"I don't call knocking me out and then locking me in a room a proper meeting." I point out.

"No, little sister. I didn't mean then." She then reveals her face. NO! It's Trish, my older sister. The person who cared for me when my parents were out at work all the time. The person who I shared clothes with, and laughed about all the silly little things.

"But you're my sister! Why would you want me dead?"

"The same reason why I want the others dead."

"But why is that?"

"That is none of your business"

"But why?? Why?? You didn't want Caleb alive did you? You wanted him dead too, but first you would get him to do the dirty work, and promise him things that you would never give. And then when the time comes, after we thought we were safe, you would kill us both. But luckily it didn't work."

"No, you see little sister, that is where you are wrong. I planned this to happen. I know you, I know a lot about you, and how you act. I know that you would have said no to Caleb, because that is what you are like. And it is all going just as I planned." She then laughed an insane laugh. That is nothing like I have heard before. And I didn't like it.

"But enough of the chit chat, sis. Bye bye." She then came at me at full speed, whacking me backwards a few feet or so before I could defend myself. I jump up, but she grabs my leg and trips me up, making me knock my head on a rock.

"Oh come on sis, you are pathetic. Too busy thinking about lover boy, I bet." She punches me in the face. Ow, she broke my nose. I think that punch runs in the family.

"Don't worry; our men are out there looking for him right now. He will be dust soon." She sneers. I turn around and shoot a fireball in her general direction, but it misses.

"Haha, you should have worked on your aim better than that!"  She laughs. I stand up slowly, to try and find my bearings, but she flips me over, which causes me to land on my back.

"What do you mean our?" I ask, "How many of there are you?"

"Well let's just say there's enough to out number you!"

Oh great so there's at least nine of them, plus all of the men n black (lol, though they are not good). I figured I need to get out of here, fast, so I draw a line with my hand across the vast space of sand I could see, and prayed that my idea would work. Yes! It did, the whole width of sand caught on fire (if that was possible. Well you could get flaming ice so I guess so).  And then I just ran, back in the direction of the house, just hoping my barrier had stopped her for a while.

The End

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