Jadia: Tragic Thoughts

Crying, Jadia listened to Caleb’s story. She hadn’t seen him for years. When their parents divorced, it was tragic but their alcoholic father had demanded only to keep Caleb and had pushed his ‘two best girls’ out of his life forever. Jadia remember some of his finally words to her:

“Jadia, I can’t bare seeing you anymore. Go, live with your mother, and never ask for me again.”

Jadia had sensed that this was because she looked far too much like her mother: the fiery ringlets that curled down her back, the deep hazel eyes, the thin physique…

Even so, his words struck a blow to her heart that had never really mended. Of course, Caleb had always taken after their father, but Jadia had never realised that he had suffered like she had. She had always thought that he bared no resemblance to their mother.

“…They wanted to take me away and he didn't care…so...I brought the house down and killed them all.” Caleb words shocked Jadia back to the present. She gasped.

“I never knew I was so powerful, and, obviously, they thought I was a bigger threat than before.”

He told her how he then ran away to find Sapphire but how the people followed him.

"Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that all this is my fault."

“No, no, of course not…” Jadia cried, but she couldn’t stop the thoughts popping into her head and connecting. If they thought that Caleb was dangerous, then they could have thought that others possessing powers would be too. Better to lock us away from the World, than let us roam free and possibly wreck havoc…

“And if it’s my fault…then I have to fix it.”

Jadia frowned. What? How could he fix it, when everything was out of his league now? Suddenly, Caleb’s skin started to freeze up, becoming hard stone and cold. She could sense the slow drain of emotions, like she had done when Sapphire had turned to stone too. Soon there was nothing left of her brother but a granite figure, lying peacefully on a tree-trunk.

“Not helping!” She yelled at the stone statue. But, once again, her heart broke; she had lost one of the only people she truly cared for.

Her father was dead, but, strangely, Jadia didn’t care. At least she still had her mother to go back to. Looking around, even though she was blinded by tears and sorrowful rage, Jadia saw parts of the fight continuing but, mostly, the ‘bad-guys’ had won. They would come and look for her soon.

Kissing the forehead of the statue that was her big brother, Jadia sprang up and began jogging through the forest. When she reached its edge, she saw nothing but fields stretching out into the distance. After catching her breath for a second, Jadia kept on. Kept on running. Surely there was a way off this island?

Surely there was a way to escape to this nightmare?

The End

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