Adam: Caleb

"Jadz, you know I've missed you," I muttered weakly. Tears started to fall down her face, "we need to talk."

She looked into my face, battered as it was, "what is it?"

"When our parents split up, when I went to live with Dad, he never got over her, over mum," I shuddered at the memories, "I remember the drinking and I told him to stop but I was silly and I didn't understand so he beat me with a belt to get the message in," I could remember each strike on my back, each scar I could place in order, "but he said he couldn't live without her and that I was a reminder of it all," I could see the tears coming faster, "I only wanted to help him but he locked me in the cellar and told me he never wanted to see me again.

"I lived amongst the earth, I never saw him again, he never fed me, but I was fine so I think he knew, or I hope so..." I pondered this for a moment, "anyway I heard him talking to people, they wanted to take me away and he didn't care but I didn't want to leave dad so..." I scrunched up my eyes, "I brought the house down and killed them all.

"I ran away then to find Sapphire but I know they followed me, they said I was a danger to myself and everyone else, but that's just silly isn't it," I smiled cheerfully, "I don't need help," I felt Jadia hand on my own, "anyway I guess what I'm trying to say is that all this is my fault," I said finally, little emotion on my face, "and if it's my fault then I have to fix it I suppose," she looked at me confused, "bye bye sis," I smiled up at her.

"Oh, tell Saph...I have to do's  for you, so you can be safe, goodbye."

Slowly I felt myself turn to stone once more.

The End

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