Jadia: Forgotten Memories

“Come on,” Jadia helped Caleb up carefully, then turned to Sapphire.

“I’m not gonna fight. I can’t fight. You can if you want, but be careful; there’s something out there that’s more dangerous than this lot… ”

Jadia started to walk away towards a clump of trees in the distance, but heard Sapphire run up beside her.

“More dangerous than this lot? What kind of thing?”

Jadia sighed, exhausted. “I don’t know, but I saw it in my vision.” Only now had the creature come back to her mind. “It seemed…unearthly…And snake like; it had a forked tongue, a weird voice and transformed in front of my eyes…” Jadia didn’t want to mention that it had attacked her at the end of the vision.

“What could it be?”

“I…don’t know. I don’t know!”

By this time, the three of them had almost reached the copse, but Caleb was struggling, and soldiers were starting to advance on them. Sapphire took one look back at the two of them and then stepped forward. Jadia stopped and looked back at her curiously.

“Keep going! I’ll fight. Just…help him get better…” Sapphire commanded to her.



Hoping that she knew what she was doing, Jadia practically dragged Caleb the last few metres and pushed him into the safety of the trees. He was exhausted…And, if she was being honest, Jadia was too.

“Ouch…my head…” Caleb moaned as she rested him on a tree root.

“Shut up! I’m helping you!”


“Yes…” She sighed again, “Oh, Caleb, why are we here?”


“Yes, I know! But why?!” Frustration broke through Jadia’s normally quite calm voice.

The silent between them wasn’t very quiet, as, in the distance, there were numerous fights going on. Jadia could hear air missiles, roars and lots of fire. Frankly, it scared her. Caleb looked over at his little sister, concern showing on what was left of his face.

“Jadz. You know, I’ve missed you.”

Jadia burst into tears.

“We need to talk...”

The End

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