Allan: whatever is left

Linsey lands beside me I can hardly make out why she is hurt but I know she is hurt. I also know Trish hurt her, I didn't care if she said she didn't care about me the same way as I did for her or else she wouldn't be laying beside me, I was going make Trish pay for hurting Linsey. I bring my burnt and bleed hand to the tree and steal its energy. I get up submarine should be almost depleted of missiles but one more was being deployed. I watched it come rate at us. Before it hits a massive pile of ice intercepts it and freezez the chemical reaction happening inside. I bet it was Kevin.

"Another one, fun fun for Trish!" Trish yells as Kevin runs out onto the sandy beach. I walk up behind him.

" Thank you but , this isn't your fight." I say angrily. He looks at me and takes a step back.

" Shouldn't you be out sitting still or something?" He says starlted as blood dripped down off me. I cover my wounds with the barrier.

" He should be but maybe he needs to avenge his..." I stop her mid sentence as blast of energy shoots her and the submarine backwards. I shoot another blast which puts a hole straight through the sub.  In my eye sat no fear just pure anger, and trace amounts of hatred. 

" Why are you here Kevin? What about Jadia and the girls?" I ask as I search the blue ocean for the crazy B*tch.

" It was getting boring back there besides I saw a dragon and explosions. So I thought you might need help. " He anwseres.

" Thanks but I really think you should.." A shriek emanated from the girls posistion. 

" Yes my colleauges have arrived. Lazy slackers." Trish says popping out of the water. I make a barrier arounnd us that she bounces off of. Kevin takes off not looking back.

" If its Adam I'm going too!!!" His voice trails off in anger ,as he runs.I face Trish.

" Round two little Allen! Do you think you can make it?!"  I could swear she is foaming at the mouth.

" I wouldn't be up if I wasn't sure I could beat you." I reply as stiffly move my body.

My body is soar and wants me to stop moving but there was no possible way I wasn't going to let Trish hurt Linsey anymore. I start round two by blasting her with energy. Trish appears behind me I barely sidestep out of the way and raise myself using the energy. I blast down at I think I crushed her and compacted the sand down as the sand and wind kicked up. Trish flys up out of her hole and gets me across the face. My world darkens a little more, I couldn't take much more of a beating or the next time I lie on the ground defeated I may never get up.  I had to end this soon. I could see Trish was barely  diverting the blasts. 

She comes forwards and trys to punch agian I form a barrier it doesnt shatter but it glows red from stress. I push it forwards she slides across the beach. With whatever energy I could steal around me I form a huge amount of energy wich glows a light  blue. The air around me cracks as the energy seems to split atoms. I see Trish come forwards I dodge and make direct contact with her shoulder.

" I win. Why Trish?" I ask before I release the energy which utterly destroys her shoulder and sends her flying backwards. I could tell she wasn't going to die quite yet. But if we wanted information from her someone was going to have to reach her soon.She smiles.

" You know little Allen, why I can't tell you." She always said that to me when I was younger.

My body shutters and I cough up blood, " Bastard." I say loud enough for her to hear. 

I turn around and stumble back to Linsey, as I do I cough up more blood my body shakes and the barriers break down. I fall down 3 feet away from her.

" Thanks." I murmur as I collapse and pass out for a second time, but this time I wasn't entirely sure if I will wake up agian.

The End

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