Linsey: Using Missiles Is Cheating!

Allan has blood all over him and he's passed out!

That's it! This means war! I can feelmy body fazing into the deadliest creature I could think of. I'm now a dragon and I'm gonna make them all pay! "Oh this one is tricky isn't she?" Laughs the girl who was fighting Allan earlier.

I roar, flap my wings. I'mflying and i'm gonna rip that submarine to pieces! She fires a missile my way. I dogde it. She starts fireing more and more. A couple hit me, sending me down. Man, this girl's a twat!

I get up slowly and blow fire. She laughs and fires more missiles at me. I go flying back as they hit me. I can feel my head start to spin as I fly into a tree, too weak to get up. I try though but fall back down in my own form.

I looknext tome and see Allan still out. The girl laughs. "You know, when I saw a dragon I thought this was going to be a challenge. Just shows how wrong I was!"

I growl. She's gonna pay! "Go to... hell." I say before the darkness takes over.

The End

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