Allan: defensive

" Yeah whatever thats if they don't happen to have abilities." I mutter as a few figures come from the trees equiped with assualt rifles. Without hesitation they fire, "I really hopes this continues to work." I mutter my hand extended, the barrier absorbed the bullets while taking energy from the to replenish the energy being used. 

They empty a whole entire clip into the barrier. Linsey takes the oppertunity to become a agile tiger like animal, killing each of the men.  Well its obviously a battle and they have guns, and I don't feel like dieing anytime soon, so. I break down the barrier and follow after Linsey. She disappears into the forest, which I soon find is flooded by men carrying guns.  I could hear gunfire pointed up at the trees. Alright she is not hurt , good.  The men take notice of my appearance and open fire rapidly. Once agian I form a barrier absorbing the bullets. I throw it forwards the men all fall over their guns turning to dust.Confidence and agression which once sat in there eyes was replaced by fear. Linsey drops down from the tree tops and begins to rip the soldeirs to pieces. Someone appears behind me and taps my shoulder. I turn around and kick down on the person's head which is blocked. The person was heavily clothed and I couldn't see any revealing qualities. 

" Pesty little buggers arent you."  The cloked figue says , then kicks me upwards.

I fly above the tree line to be met by the same cloaked figure who kicks me in the stomach. I hurtle through the air and impact the sand on the beach , sand was tossed into the air and I felt like I had been in a car wreck.

" Come one you seemed to be more powerful earlier. Make your shield." The cloked figure sneers floating above me.

I get back up to my feet, breathing heavily all the air in me had escaped , from those two unbelievably powerful kicks. I take one more breath, a drop of blood fell from my head. I watched it fall to the sand. Just as the small little drop of blood spattered agianst the sand, I made my move.  I form a dome like shield around me and expand it rapidly. I pushed the sand,water, trees over, the cloaked figure however resisted taking no damage.  My eyes widen, then agian what did I really hope for?

" You don't often show emotion, and when you do the emotion is extreme,and on your face all I see is fear."

The person remarked uselessly getting off the topic of the fight. But it did arise a question. How does he or she know something about me?  My eyes followed the figures movement. Suddenly the figure disappears from sight and I feel fist in my back . I stop my self with a barrier , and try to counter but they move to fast.

" How do you move so fast?" I ask

" How do you move so slow?"  The figure laughs manically and goes for another punch. I form a barrier around me , and block it just in time but it shatters, " Don't you know any attacks? You seem all defense." The figure  moves her hand and upper cuts me back up into the air.  I got to my senses right away. The figure was going to kick me agian. I form a barrier wich absorbs the kicks energy.

" Gotcha!" I yell then shoot the figure heavily back down to the ground. A cloud of sand hides the figures location ,but I blow it away with the barrier, to see a familiar face of a girl who was ten years older than me who taught me the ways of survival on the streets.

" Trish?"  I ask confused.

" Yeah you prat. I'm back , but not with friendly intentions." She sneers then charges me head on.

She was right I was being too defensive, but I had no clue what my attack would be like. One moment Trish stood 20 feet infront of me. She flashed infront of me there was no time defend my self. I shot backwards like a bullet and slammed through the trunk of a tree.

" You just as pathetic as you were when I first met you." She yells at me.

That pissed me off , I'm not a pathetic weak, child who needed emotional support. I rose back up to my feet with a new atitude. I felt my ability at my fingertips ,  I lash out ,a brutal pale blue wind hits Trish, she tries to fight it but shoots off into the ocean. For a 10 long seconds she disapears below the water. Then emerges from the water with a submarine. She luaghs manically.

"Bye , bye little Allen."  I hear a rocket fire, I'm guessing it was a missile. I form a barrier around me, " Sorry Allen your weak little shields aren't gonna stop this bad boy!"

It hits the shield  , it explodes and the shield just shatters. I get engulfed in flame and thrown backwards. I slam into a tree, I was bleeding heavely, and I was burnt. My eyes tried to shut but with whatever strength I had left to keep them open but I was failing

" why?"  Came out of my lips before I went off to sleep.

The End

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