Linsey: Think Fast.

Oh so ice man has lost people too. I wipe my tears away and look back at the horrizen.

Is that a boat?! I jump to my feet. "What?" "I think I can see a boat." Kevin jumps up next to me. "We're saved!" Kevin says excitedly, I smile. Why is a boat here? My smile fades. "Kevin, we need to get away from the beach." He looks at me confused. I grab his arm and start pulling him away. "No. A boat, it means we can gohome." I roll my eyes.

"Yes a boat. No one signaled it here otherwise we would knosw so that means it's them!" It takes him a while to work out that by them I mean the people who trapped us here. "We have to find the others!" We say at the same time then turn and run away from the beach.

We get to the others panting. "Boat." I say and point behind me. They nod. I lookaround. No one died in Adams atempt. Good. My eyes stops at Allan. He stares at me, his face masked. What's he thinking?

"They're on the island." Jadia's worried voice reaches my ears. "What now?" Kate asks. I know what now; fight. "Fight." Kevin says smiply. I nod and look down at Adam. "F..fight." Adam says weakly. I roll my eyes as Sapphire cries over him. "You ain't gonna be able to fight. You've got no energy." I tell him.

"Get him into the house and come back here. This fight is going to happen and if anyone here doesn't want to join in, go with Adam." "Caleb." Sapphire and Jadia say at the same time. "I don't care what his name is. If you lot listened to me and wanted to learn to fight, then we wouldn't be this screwed now." Allan rolls his eyes. "That's always your resort isn't it. Whenever something happens you think of fighting." I scowl at him as he turns to the rest, making them gasp at his bruised cheek.

Their eyes flicked to me then back to Allan. I growl. "Okay yes. That's true, I think of violence. And yes I slapped you but that was only because you where out of order." I say trying to keep my voice calm. "I didn't know about what you did to your parents!" He said hotly.

My eyes are blazing again. "What did you do to your parents?" Esmerelda asked in a small voice. I growled again. "It doesn't matter. What matters now is that we are prepared to fight." From the looks on all their faces, I know they aren't going to drop it.    

A couple of twigs break, the sound reaching my ears. "They're here, just started moving away from the beach." I say and Jadia nods looking frightened. My mind was working fast. "Okay, just use all your abilities to fight them. We are going to win this and find out what's going on!"

The End

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