Sapphire: Here we go again

"Saph, something bad is coming this way, fast" shouts Jadia. I pull away from Adam, who is at this point very weak.

"Do you know what it is?" I ask.

"I'm not sure but it's very close, we should be able to see it soon." I glance down at Adam, at his state, if anything bad happens, he will probably die. And we do not need any more deaths. Not now.

"It's the... it's..." Adam tries to speak over the pain and agony swirling around him. Jadia goes up to him, and holds him,

"Shh, don't say it, just think it. You need you're energy. Then suddenly Jadia gasps.

"It's... it's" But she gets cut off by Kevin who is running towards us.

"Jadia, Sapphire, it's a boat, we spotted a boat!" We then see Kate and Ezzie sprinting towards us behind Kevin.

"There's a big boat and it's coming towards us, fast!" shouts Kate. I look at Jadia who nods and then tells us,

"It's them, it's the people who trapped us here. And from what Adam tells me, we are not dead, so we are all going to die." I slump back to the floor. There is no way I have the energy to fight at the moment. I barely had enough when stopping Kevin. I sigh.

"Looks like we'll have to tell Linsey and Allan, and then prepare to fight." Why now? Why not tomorrow? Hmm, the times when it was so much simpler and the only thing to care about were whether you were popular, or if you had a boyfriend. Sigh, here we go again.

The End

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