Ezzie: Where is Everyone?

My head's hurting like crazy, I have blood all down my arms and one of my legs. I'm in a corridor, that's all I can remember. More memories are coming back... there's me and kate... we're in...a - a hallway...having just come down the stairs... then I hear a crash... and then, nothing. I just blacked out. Then I realise - Kate! I start running, trying to find her, my head's pounding but I don't care. Then I see her, laying on the floor, still unconcious.

"Kate! Kate! wake up! Come on! Its me, Ezzie! wake up! We have to find the others!" I plead, shaking her.

"Oh, Oohh, what's happened? Where is everyone?"

" Kate! Oh, thank god your okay! come on we've got to go. You can stand up, can't you? I asked her.

"Yeah, I think so. Come on then, lets go! She replied, standing up. Almost immediately, she had to cling on to me due to her ankle which we thought was sprained.

   Walking(and limping) down to the door, we talked about why someone was trying to kill us. Could it be the people who locked us up in the first place? Or maybe... well, we had no idea! When we got to the front door and opened it, we could hear everything - shouting, crying, talking and teasing; but the wierd thing was that we couldn't see a thing. Obviously, we could see the scenery and things, but no people.

" Wow" said kate, "all those noises, but no people..."

" I know... come on, we've got to try and find people!" I answered.So we went all the way round the house, and searched everywhere - or so we thought.

" Well, they must be somewhere!" I shout across to Kate, who was just walking down the mud-track.

" It's wierd, we can still hear them but just not see them!" She yells back.

" Well, we might as well get used to it. Come on, lets find somewhere to sit down."

" Yeah. Wait for me then." She smiles.

" I am." I smile back at her.

The End

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