Sapphire: Changes

I’d been there crying for god knows how long, and then just sobbed when no more tears came out while they repeatedly tortured the hell out of Adam. My world is falling around me. Kevin, Allan and Linsey all stand around him hitting him and inflicting pain on him;

“Stop it, please” I say, but no-one hears me. They keep on doing it or a while but then Linsey stops and runs off crying with Allan following close behind. Adam is lying on the floor, really weak, but Kevin keeps on beating the life out of him.

“Stop it, just stop it!” I shout at him, but he keeps on going. So I get up, and lunge at Kevin in a hot rage. I knock him over, and he tries to freeze me with ice but I shoot balls of fire at him. They clash and burst into shattering shards of burning ice. Woah, I didn’t know that was possible.

“Stop it!” shouts a voice. I turn around, and so does Kevin, to find Jadia standing there watching us. I run over to her, and hug her.

“Jadia you’re alive!”

“Yeah, I guess so...” she squeezes out of the hug, looking a bit awkward.

“J, you know it wasn’t my fault, I never wanted this to happen”

“It’s not that it’s just… He’s my estranged brother” I look from Jadia to Adam, who is laying on the floor covered in blood. There is some family resemblance hidden underneath the skin.

“Oh J” I go to hug her again, but she backs away, and looks at Kevin.

“Kevin, please you have to stop it, he’s my brother, and all he ever wanted to do was to be loved. It’s just that he was tricked into getting it the wrong way” she looked sad and kind of drawn.

“I can’t take this, seriously this just gets weirder and weirder.” He then storms off in the general direction of the beach.

When he is a couple of meters away me and Jadia go over to Adam, I start to cry again,

“Adam, Caleb, what have you done to yourself?” I ask, he then strokes my cheek, and I kiss him lightly on the lips. But it doesn’t last long as Jadia shouts at us,

“Saph, something bad is coming this way, fast”

The End

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